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Meet Tamy Cozier-Charles

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

What do you do when you’ve tried almost everything and nothing seems to work? You come up with your own master plan and become an inventor of all things great! That’s exactly what Tamy Cozier-Charles did. After trying various brands of beauty products for her transition to natural hair, she felt like what was available on the market wasn’t working for her texture—which led to the birth of T-Roots Beauty.

This budding entrepreneur emphasizes that her handcrafted beauty products are not just for beautifying what the eyes can see but are of excellent quality to promote health that goes scalp and skin deep. Tamy hopes to add an educational component to her brand that will inform others on how to achieve and maintain a healthy scalp, hair, and skin. Among her goals is to open up her own boutique to expose not only the T-Roots Beauty brand but also that of other small business owners who create natural beauty and lifestyle products. Tamy’s advice to those out there is to tune out all the unnecessary noise and negativity that will tell you that you “can’t.” Instead, do your own research, follow your dreams, and let your passion manifest into something great. T-Roots Beauty products can be found on their website, at Bliss Beauty Supply stores throughout New York City and Ecodermis and Wolfberry in Brooklyn. 

Tamy, Women’s Empire salute you! We appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our communities. 



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