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Meet Tabitha Turnier

Whether it is an event that needs to be catered to, coordinated, and carefully detailed, from celebratory events, birthday parties, weddings and movie premiers, there is only one person who is known for getting the job done.

Meet Tabitha Turnier, the event planning powerhouse who specializes in transforming event expectations and paving the way for interesting and imaginative experiences. Tabitha and her team “Turnier Events” plan and produce events around the NYC tri state area for couples, birthdays, celebrity, anniversaries, and social hosts of all kinds. No matter where one celebrates, a Turnier signature event is one that is truly yours, never hers.

Coming up from Mount Vernon NY, Tabitha has always had a passion for production. She enjoys being able to create something different, original, stimulating and more memorable for her attendees. She credits her mother as being her inspirational influence and other hard-working women that are in the entertainment industry ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Keke Palmer, Tabitha Brown, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

“Coordinating planning, and the overall process of putting on a show or event is when I am in my element. My love for being a part of someone’s special moment or milestone is what truly inspires me to keep going!”

Her last name “Turnier” is what she takes pride in. Besides leaving a mark on her clients, she hopes to one day make turn Turnier into a household name and create a lasting impact on her clients that will ensure long-term viability and legacy from this production business that can be passed on. The creative recently just finished hosting her second annual esteemed event this past month, “The Bossy Brunch.”

The Bossy Brunch is a women empowerment brunch gathering that connects women who are high level entrepreneurs in a networking environment for both women to engage with one another over tasty delicacies and signature cocktails. Panel discussions commenced with thriving women in the local community who are already making such boss moves in their respected career roles.

“Embracing women who are already on their journey of entrepreneurship, building a legacy and breaking generational curses at the same time will always be my life’s mission simply because I am a woman first, and that isn’t easy.”

In the next few years Tabitha sees herself continuing her marathon, elevating her business with God leading the way. She plans to continue to inspire those around her and after her that anything is possible with grit, hard work, and dedication.

“My advice for women up and coming is simple. Do what you love, the rest will work out as long as you remain consistent.”


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