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Meet Angiie

Evangeline Brito, known as Angiie, is from Brooklyn, NY. She serves as a community advisor at the Department of Education, engaging with parents and students in various capacities, such as cheerleading, mediation, and volunteering for the school community.

Angiie's interests span writing, cooking, and creating content to uplift her creative community, fueled by a profound love for poetry and literature and fostering youth potential. Her resilience in adversity and clarity of purpose inspire her journey, driving her to improve as a writer and advocate for others. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Angiie finds narratives in the mundane. Connect with her across all platforms @angiie3200.

Looking ahead, Angiie envisions realizing her dreams, establishing a business that unites communities through poetry, offering platforms for youth expression, and furthering her artistic evolution, leaving indelible marks through her creations.

Keep slaying @angiie3200!



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