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Meet Maygan Mckinson

Meet Maygan Mckinson, professionally known as Malaia B, hailing from the Uptown area of the Bronx, NY. Engaged in the homeless services sector, she's a multi-talented individual making waves as an actress, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.
Currently working on her second self-produced film, Malaia also excels in DIY projects, graphic design, and creating custom party favors and decor units. Balancing work and passion, she finds solace in reading, writing, and studying movies. Inspired by witnessing others achieve success, Malaia envisions a future filled with consistent acting gigs, entrepreneurial triumphs, and a fulfilling role as a media personality and content creator.
Connect with her on social media: IG - @Mayyyy_B, YT - Malaia TikTok - @mayyyy_B. In the coming years, Malaia foresees herself thriving in both her professional pursuits and personal life, embodying success, happiness, and health as a devoted mother.

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