Meet Sabriena Campbell

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Since the 4th grade, Sabriena Campbell has had an affinity for politics. She remembers wanting a Democrat to win the John Kerry vs George Bush presidential election and was intrigued with the process of choosing a president. She realized how much power citizens have in the presidential process and her love for politics is what led her to become a Legislative Director for New York City Council.

Born in Jamaica, she came to America at three years old. She started school here however she became a bit of a rebel and during a Christmas vacation, her mother decided to not let Sabriena return to the states. Attending middle school in Jamaica was a learning experience and over time became grateful her mother made that decision. She learned more about her family and culture.

Her career started when she met the Councilman who attended her church’s service one Saturday. Usually a shy person, Sabriena mustered up the confidence to speak to the Councilman and ask about an internship. She interviewed but hadn’t heard anything back for months. She decided to give them a call and because of her persistence, she was offered the internship. She worked her way up from being an intern to now being a Legislative Director.

Outside of that job, Sabriena owns her own business, Velvet Luxe Lash Co. which specializes in mink lashes as well as beauty accessories. She became obsessed with doing her makeup and her passion for beauty pushed her to start her business. Some days can be overwhelming managing a full-time job and having a business. Sabriena gets up as early as 5:30 am, has some quiet time to herself and then creates content for her social media and works on her website which is launching on her birthday, July 19th. After that, she gets ready to go to work while checking her emails, traveling from the Bronx to Manhattan every day and does it all over again. When she needs a break, her phone goes on Do Not Disturb, she reads and listens to music.

With her strong faith in God, guidance from her mother, a passion for beauty, and a love for being involved in her community and making a difference, Sabriena continues to slay while maintaining a career, going to school and being an entrepreneur.

Sabriena, Women's Empire salute you! We appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our communities.