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Meet Ovianne Simpson

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Meet Ovianne Simpson, a finance expert who shares her inspiring journey and passion for helping her community manage their finances.

Ovianne Simpson is originally from Guyana, and she was inspired by her family's sacrifices to pursue a career in finance and continue their legacy of managing money. Though she had initially entertained the idea of becoming a lawyer or math educator, she discovered that law school's high cost and educational requirements made it impractical. After discussing her options with professors and researching, she decided that pursuing an MBA in Finance/Human Resources management was the best alternative.

"Finance requires analytical and decision-making skills, two activities I enjoy most. It allows me to demonstrate my proficiency in accounting, maths, critical thinking, communication, and budgeting. Additionally, finance offers various options such as entertainment finance, client finance, and corporate," says Ovianne.

She hopes to teach and advise her community on financial management, encouraging them to invest in their 401k or IRA accounts. Ovianne suggests being realistic about financial problems, creating a budget spreadsheet, paying in cash to avoid additional debts, and paying more than the credit card minimum, ideally paying off the balance from the previous month. With these goals, she ensures that an individual would be on their way to sustaining their finances and good management of their money. Ovianne's plan for the next few years is to be happy, alive, and living in purpose alongside God.



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