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Meet Daisy Miranda

We are proud to feature Daisy Miranda as our highlight for December. Daisy is a corporate event planner who travels the world and leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes. As a corporate event planner, Daisy has been fortunate enough to travel to 21% of the world within 6 continents. What inspires her the most is the magic of human connection. Whether it's a heartfelt conversation with a friend, a stranger's random act of kindness, witnessing the unwavering resilience of people overcoming adversity, or witnessing the love and support within a family, these moments remind her of the inherent goodness in people. It's the genuine smiles, warm embraces, and shared laughter that make life meaningful. These connections fuel her spirit, inspire creativity, and remind her that in the vast world, we are all connected by our emotions and experiences.

In her field of work, there is nothing more heartwarming than the joy of seeing people happy and having a blast at the event she created. It's like witnessing her own masterpiece come to life, and the smiles and laughter become the paint on her canvas. When she puts her heart and soul into planning something special and then witnesses the sheer delight on people's faces (all thanks to the event she meticulously crafted), it's a feeling beyond words.

Daisy's words of encouragement to you are to embrace the sparks that set your soul on fire, for they are the guiding lights that lead you toward your passions and dreams. Keep your eyes open, and your heart receptive, and let the beauty of life's wonders inspire you to create your extraordinary story!

Lastly, but more importantly, Daisy's son is her ultimate source of inspiration. His presence ignites a fire within her, pushing her to be the best version of herself. His dreams become her dreams, and watching him grow and learn fuels her determination to be the best role model and supporter she can be. Her son's presence in her life is a constant reminder that love, joy, and family are the greatest sources of inspiration. She cherishes every moment and lets his bright spirit guide her on their journey.

Daisy has recently accepted a role as a Sourcing Manager and is currently transitioning. However, goal setting does not stop with her. Once one goal is complete, she is already setting another one. Her 5-year business goal is to be a Travel Buyer for the corporate sector, and her personal goal is to purchase a home in the south in the next five years once her son is off to college. Daisy's passion for travel and her dedication to her work and family are truly inspiring, and here at Women’s Empire, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.



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