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Meet Leslie Sarai

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Everyone, take a minute and meet Leslie Sarai. She is a Honduran Native born and raised in New York City. Leslie recently began her journey as an Entrepreneur opening up a Cosmetic Lip Care Brand titled “Leslie Sarai.” The message behind “Leslie Sarai” is encouraging. To highlight the importance of self-care with oneself.

Leslie’s idea is to educate women through beauty cosmetics by loving their own physical features while learning to develop internal attributes to inspire other women to do the same. She believes women wearing her lip brand should master falling in love with becoming the best version of themselves. She highlights her inspiration and vision for this project coming divinely from God. “Beauty comes from within,” says Leslie, and us here at WE couldn’t agree more. Leslie, Women's Empire salute you! We appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our communities. 


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