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Meet Josefina Lugo

There are thousands of reasons why more than ever it is important to have financial security not only for yourself, but for your family and children. Because of this dire need of being educated on having life insurance and the lack of educational resources around it, many do not know how to go about purchasing life insurance.

Through difficult circumstances, and the COVID -19 pandemic, this one woman switched gears to fulfill her life purpose to teach and guide a community of people as well as those close around her to become financially literate in securing life insurance.

Everyone, meet Josefina Lugo who is a financial insurance supervisor for a subsidiary S&P 500 Life Insurance Company. Josefina, who is known as JayJay to her peers, is a Puerto Rican woman born and raised in the South Bronx. Her love for helping people began when she started her journey as a Licensed Master Social Worker. During the time of the pandemic, Ms. Lugo was surrounded by deaths as she was losing people close to her due to the coronavirus. She realized her family members did not have life insurance. She then knew change was needed. She began educating not only her family members of the importance of life insurance, but to her friends and people whom she met along the way. What inspires Josefina most is the ability to educate and protect families every day. “Coming from a Latino & Black community I have seen the lack of education with financial services, and now I help fill in that gap to create generational wealth”. Growing love for this sector through unfortunate devastating circumstances, she has made this her career choice leaving social work as she began teaching on the benefits of having life insurance.

In the next few years, Ms. Lugo sees herself growing closer to God as she continues to walk faithfully in her calling. She also sees herself growing within her business, hiring motivated individuals who just like her share the same passion for this industry and protect thousands of more families around the globe.

We thank you for all you’re doing! We congratulate and commend you here at Women’s Empire for all your continued efforts to ensure everyone has the financial security for their future in place!



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