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Meet Jameelah Shamsideen

Difficult roads can often lead to beautiful destinations. Jameelah Shamsideen is a breast cancer survivor who used her difficult health journey to invest in skin, hair and even candle products that enables people to keep their bodies and aromas clean and healthy. We all know that without healthy skin, you're more susceptible to a variety of bodily infections and diseases. That is where Jameelah introduces the world to her additive free brand called “Enhance by Nature.” Enhance by Nature is an organic skin and hair care brand that believes plant-based beauty products can and will improve the quality of your skin, hair, and life.

Enhanced by Nature as told by Jameelah is confident in the value these products bring. These products will be everyone’s secret weapon in achieving and maintaining smooth, soft, and glowing skin all year round, says Jameeleah.

Jameelah's proudest victories come from defeating breast cancer not once, but twice. In her battle of fighting this deadly disease her inspiration for these beauty items stemmed from already having the knowledge of what harmful products can do to your skin. She allowed this tough moment in her life not to be a stumbling block on her road to whole healing recovery but was made to realize that this was a perfect opportunity for her to pour back and educate other men, and women on the vitality of taking care of their skin the right way.

A returning customer who has made many purchases from her brand added that “Enhance by Natures are the best products ever. My family and I have always enjoyed purchasing from this company due to the worth and the natural ingredients. The body butters make the skin feel very silky smooth. There is no other product around.” Jamleeah adds that This plant-based brand is made to naturally benefit the body by eliminating the use of any synthetics, sulfates, parabens, petroleum, or phthalates.

Imagine a world without these intentional products? We couldn’t! Thank you Jameelah for your innovation of time and energy into creating something that will benefit many people's health journey of quality skin and hair care products. Inventing “Enhance by Nature” is the best thing yet. Women’s Empire and the world thanks you for all that you do!



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