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Meet Jada Elam

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Jada a successful Budget Coach from Los Angeles, California discovered her passion early on when she knew she wanted to learn more about individuals overcoming personal challenges to find success in the financial sector. Jada Elam defines Financial Literacy as the key to helping young people manage money effectively so that they can become financially stable, build assets and achieve their personal goals. Growing up, she knew decisions made in early adulthood can have lasting financial consequences.

She first witnessed how destructive money could be in a household, within relationships, and most of all detrimental to a persons outlook on their confidence. Jada did not grow up with the necessary resources and tools on knowing how to handle money due to a lack of knowledge on financial literacy in her household.

After vowing to learn as much as she could about proper money management, she realized her purpose was in helping a community of individuals solve this ever growing issue and helping those struggling with these similar hardships as her gain freedom financially. Through her services, she teaches the importance of maintaining a healthy balance when paying for bills, saving money, and spending wisely on personal items. “I knew it wasn’t the lack of money, but more so the lack of knowing what to do with the money that caused the destruction” says Jada”.

My inspiration is knowing that the work I do change lives forever, and my mission is bigger than me.

WE honor you here at Women’s Empire Jada and commend you for all the work and skills you are sowing into young leaders of this generation.



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