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Meet Fleur Williams

Running a business is never easy, but W- Legacy Designs is a luxury bridal robe company that knows how to seize the challenge. They focus on providing excellent service to brides looking for ready-to-wear or custom bridal robes. Whether you're a bride who wants a traditional look or something more unique, the team at W-legacy Designs is here to help create the perfect vision for your wedding.

At W-Legacy, there are no limits! They have bridal robes that can bring any bride's vision to life. Their robes are sexy yet glamorous. Elegance meets timeless is what they strive for.

The founder of W-Legacy Designs, Fleur, has a deep passion for helping brides create their dream wedding day. She is originally from Queens, New York, and is married with a daughter. Fleur loves working with people and takes pride in playing a particular part in each bride's day. Her inspiration for starting this business came from her wedding; she knows how important it is to have high-quality bridal robes handcrafted with care and have someone who prioritizes a bride's day.

One of the biggest challenges that the company has faced is dealing with demanding clients. It can be tough to navigate these situations, but W- legacy has learned that not every bride will be a good fit for W Legacy Designs, understanding that the brides they work with will give 110 percent!

When you work with W-Legacy Designs, you can expect personalized service from start to finish. Fleur makes it a point to speak with every bride who places an order with the company, and she is even available on occasion to assist on the day of the wedding. If you're looking for a luxury bridal robe company that genuinely cares about your vision and memorable day, look no further than W-Legacy Designs.



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