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Meet Chandler Bishop

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

At age 24, Chandler Bishop is a senior advertising copywriter, and now a published author. Writing my African American Invention ABC’s is a children’s handwriting book designed by Chandler with a focus on handwriting and historic African American inventors who have helped to improve the world.

Her purpose in writing a children’s book was to encourage positive racial identity development in black children by educating them with heroes who look just like them. As we know handwriting practice is good at any age, Chandler's target was for children ages 3+ with a concentration on ages 4-6.

Born in Atlanta GA, Chandler had an interest in writing from an early age. She moved to NYC to attain her degree from St. John’s University in Advertising. She credits Florida’s educational system’s recent decision to ban African American studies to igniting the fire in her to start her first children publication.

Not long ago, the administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis supported Florida’s recent decision to reject students’ access to an Advanced Placement course on African American studies for Florida high schoolers, saying it violates state law. These courses explore the vital contributions and experiences of African Americans. The school board chair in Florida argues that these courses, however, lack educational value.

“We can’t allow the school system to completely just erase our history,” Chandler says. “It’s unfortunate now that we must teach ourselves our own history since a lot of schools in America are already lacking that. Creating this book was a whole learning process for me as I was researching these important people in history.”

Students benefit from learning about their ancestral history and society. Students who are not African American need to have a deeper understanding of the early contributions of black people to help build a more cohesive and inclusive community.

Chandler mentioned how the process was insightful and enjoyable for her as she looks forward to making more literature that credits African American culture and history.

“Kids must read and write anyway, so why not have books that educate them on their own culture. The next generation deserves to know that Black History extends far beyond slavery and oppression. The black community is creative, majestic, resourceful, and innovative –just like the next generation of leaders!”

This beautifully illustrated picture book explores African American innovators who have paved the way for people of color to shape America. Notable Black heroes and inventors ranging from Madam CJ Walker, George Washington Carver, Henry Miles, Garret Morgan, and Alexander Miles. Each page gives a short background of the heroic figure with a few lines under for preschoolers to begin tracing an alphabet letter. An opportunity to practice their basic strokes to exercise their print handwriting. While this children’s book proves to be educational, inspirational, as well as engaging, it serves as a reminder for children to understand the essential importance of understanding African American leaders who went and served before them.

In addition to writing children’s books, Chandler also serves as a senior advertising copywriter for the TBWA Chiat Day Company, alongside the creative team to produce compelling ADs, captivating commercial ideas, and experiential campaigns to come up with new fun ways for clients to connect to their audience. This passion to advertise flows from her bold persona which aids in her passion to make stimulating and thought-provoking work.

As her career continues to evolve and grow, she hopes to create more children’s novels and become a trailblazer for women of color in the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, and advertising.

Chandler, Women's Empire salutes you! We appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our communities.



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