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Meet Chanabelle Arriaga

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Inspirational leader”. “Supporter”. “Innovator”. These three words define who Chanabelle Arriaga is. Proud Latina coming from Yonkers NY blazes the trail for young women and children to follow by leading with love and always choosing to put God first. She finds her purpose in providing services for young teen mothers who do not have a sense of community or support system. This woman gains her joy in being a supportive advocate for them. She publicly speaks on their behalf so they can have the proper resources needed to thrive as a single mom. “I am most inspired by my clients and also having the ability to meet them where they are and being able to have these services to help and encourage them to change their lives”. Chanabelle also credits her influence on her lovely daughter as well.

Contrary to that Chanabelle details herself as an entrepreneur. “In-Serenity” is an organization service that aids people in structuring and re-arranging their home, office, or school. She goes in with a project assessment and plan of action and leaves each space having excelled all her client’s expectations. Many testimonials praised Chanabelle for being skillful in this area of work all while being efficient, effective, and downright amazing! Ladies, Chanabelle is giving BOSS energy!

Women’s Empire community cannot get enough of you Chanabelle! We appreciate all the exceptional work you are doing for our children and adults in our community. Women’s Empire salutes you!



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