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Meet Mecca Perry

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

“As a lover for anything and everything culinary related, Chef Mecca Perry decided to take her skills out the kitchen and into the rack with her couture apron line, Thimble and Bodkin. Chef Mecca began her culinary career in 2009 as a personal chef and was best known for her homemade, all-natural gourmet salsa. “My inspiration in the kitchen comes from colors and scents,” says Mecca. This is definitely evident in the food photography Mecca shares on Thimble and Bodkin Instagram.

Her transition into entrepreneurship occurred while developing ideas for the food business. In her various food service roles, Mecca has planned and hosted numerous events and parties. She wanted to look fashionable but remain functional while hosting and serving, and that’s when Thimble and Bodkin’s line of stylish aprons was born. The aprons are based on her own style of dress and come in all colors and patterns for looking elegant and efficient while entertaining your guests. She also has a Mommy & Me line for parent and tot to match in the kitchen.

”The hardest thing about starting a business is actually starting it,” Mecca says. ”People, including myself, create obstacles before we even get out of the gate. You’ve got to just get on it and GO!” She prides herself on her researching chops, so before she takes on any new challenge, she spends a month or so researching every aspect.

She hopes Thimble and Bodkin aprons continue catching on with the culinary crowd. She is also working on cloth cocktail and dinner napkin designs, as well as chef jackets. Soon, home chefs everywhere will be stylishly flipping pancakes and chopping vegetables. We can’t wait to see what Chef Mecca has up her gorgeous designer sleeve! 

Mecca, Women's Empire salute you! We appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our communities. 



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